We provide routine drainage cleansing and associated services across the UK

The ACL group of companies are based in Staveley, Chesterfield and have been for almost 40 years. Formed in 1977 the group has gone from strength to strength, expanding across industries from acid descaling through to gully cleansing and waste disposal. It is this adaptability which paved the way for the current group of companies to prosper. Employing over 80 staff members the group has invested heavily in people, training and equipment to put us at the forefront of our core markets.

ACL Highway Services Ltd are responsible for cleansing highway drainage across more than 7,000 square miles of roads throughout the UK. Our fleet of 30 medium combi jet vac units ensure the countries roads stay clear and safe from flooding for all road users. With more than 10 long term maintenance contracts to cleanse gullies, catchpits, offlets, soakaways and grips ACL Highway Services Ltd provide services to a range of clients from councils to contractors. The result of this is the removal of more than 18,000 tonnes of detritus from the nation’s roads every year.

ACL Environmental Services Ltd are responsible for the waste generated from our drainage cleansing activities in addition to handling waste that comes in from our customers. The dewatering facility in Staveley can handle gully and road sweeper waste both dewatered and wet in large quantities. The dewatered waste is then sent off site for full recycling. The facility is licensed to handle 50,000 tonnes of gully and road sweeper waste per annum and as such is capable of handling all sizes of custom, from one off disposal through to major annual contracts. In addition to this ACL Environmental can provide transport to come and collect waste from your site, wherever it may be.

Acidisation Co Ltd is the final piece of the ACL group of companies, responsible for the chemical descaling of commercial and industrial tanks,watercooling and heating  systems.

ACL Highway Services have been presented with the Innovation in Highways award at the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport annual award ceremony. This award recognises the unique targeted gully cleansing strategy implemented in Nottinghamshire with our key partners Tarmac, Via and Nottinghamshire County Council.

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